Welcome to Timeline for Homo Sapiens

My name is Cameron MacCuspic. I have perused the internet looking for a complete timeline of our species that encompasses all the factors that have shaped our existence. There are many good ones, but I am striving to include more of the unorthodox explanation alongside the orthodox. A multitude of discoveries are creating quite a buzz. The Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans are beginning to reveal a sizeable number of manmade structures. More “out of place artifacts” that Klaus Dona and Michael Tellinger are championing, raise some very diverse and interesting hypotheses. And other hypotheses such as the following are challenging the exiting orthodox archaeological explanation:


  • The Solutrean hypothesis— the peopling of the America’s before the glaciers retreated—is gaining more foundation.
  • The Human Genome Project’s story of how we left Africa to conquer the globe.
  • The evidence that a comet or meteor exploded over the Great Lakes of Canada 13,000 years ago, and the effects it had on the mega fauna and the human population of that time.


The extinction challenges we have faced are all very intriguing, and this blog will be my attempt at joining the discourse.


 The goal of this project is to create a timeline with the focus on the epoch of 300,000 B.C.E. to 3,000 B.C.E., and shorter epochs within this time scale. Why this time period and a focus mostly on the Homo Neanderthalensis & Homo Sapien species? I am interested mostly in all the factors that have shaped the development of the Homo Sapien species over these 297,000 years. Global population is estimated to have been around 14 million by 3000 B.C.E.; 170,000 million to 200,000 million by the time of Jesus; and over 7 billion today. There are no other reptilian, insect, mammalian or hominid species, past or present, that have or are currently habiting the earth that could make a counter argument to this statement: ”Homo Sapiens have become the most successful inhabitant to have ever existed on this earth”.


The last 5000 years to the present are well documented by orthodox archaeology. We as a species have left our mark all over the planet. But before the Egyptian Dynasties, the Empires of Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent, the Indus Civilizations, the early Xai and Shang Dynasties of China, and the Inca, Aztec and Mayan Civilizations of the Americas, the evidence that has come to light in the past two decades is shaking the orthodox explanation to its core. New discoveries do not fit the current model. Prehistory evidence (before we had written records) is pointing to an untold renaissance of a more advanced Homo Sapien technological civilizations all over the globe. Lost civilizations have many a mythological foundation in folklore throughout the world. The most famous of them all, the story of Atlantis, has resonated down through the ages for 3000 years. Flood stories abound in the ancient folklore, and a quick perusal of the website included here; http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/flood-myths.html provides links to a large percentage of them. The sheer number is astounding.


Glaciology, integrated with geology, climatology and a host of other sciences, is revealing that today’s shoreline is 300 ft higher than it was around 20,000 years ago. Simple educated reasoning would conclude that there were coastal civilizations, and their foundations and artifacts are still to be found in the oceans of the world. The flood stories are true, and the ancient written and oral traditions can now find foundation within science to back up the lore. Sea level rise was gradual and dramatic during the Ice Age receding epoch. A mega tsunami created by the bursting of a glacial lake dam brought on by deglaciation, shaped the Scablands of north western USA. A sudden sea level rise would wipe out a coastal settlement in an instant. And along the coast is where early settlements would have sprung up. Marine archaeology has been focused on the shipwreck. It needs to devote more exploration to the new zeitgeist and look for civilization’s roots pre-Holocene and far off shore.


       First and foremost, all dates in this timeline blog are controversial. All are subject to change pending better information and revised dating analysis. I have endeavored to find the most accepted scientific and academic date for all timeline inclusions. When new dating evidence becomes available, I will edit to reflect the best information of the day. I have chosen B.C.E., (Before Common Era) for all timeline inclusions, as it is easier for the greater majority of the population to understand, versus the more scientific BP (Before Present) and (Ky) dating denotations.


I must point out that I have no academic credentials. I have been an ardent observer of archaeology for many decades now, and the main driving force behind my efforts to create a focused timeline of Homo Sapiens time on earth is that I could not find one on the internet or in a book store with a quick view-timeline format. There are many Archaeological timelines that are very well presented in books and WebPages, but I could not find one that combines the glaciation, climate and changing sea level affects, alongside the Homo sapiens story with a simple “one line” theme. Most of the websites have links to articles and extensive additional information and dialogue. I was looking to create a one line/one page scrolling format, and want to make this a shared resource for all to use. I have not created links to a website for any inclusion. The majority of the items included have been acquired from internet perusals, and several books, and each line added has been researched by yours truly. To have website links for each line would limit the inquiring mind. Copy and paste the text of any line in a web browser and then check out for yourself the wealth of information available for the topic chosen. I may not have the best or correct information posted. Let me know and I will correct it if there is better information or include new information on another subject.


In this timeline project, I am endeavoring to continue to add known archaeological sites and artifacts, plus fossils, climate and sea level epochs to this thread. With your help I hope to fix dating mistakes and uncover new information that is worthy of inclusion. Limiting all the dated information to just one line has been challenging. The initial timeline will be classified as “Edition 1”, and in the future I will post addendums and additions for “Edition 2” and so on. Over time I hope to create the most complete quick view file resource for the past 302,000 years. I look forward to a global input for this project.